i need to  make a special post about this amazing episode. Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories episode Roommates. It  was hilarious and made fun of pretentious hipsters (baristas and bartenders) who speak in spanglish and live in LA, do stupid improv, think they’re cool. They acted out those type of people SO perfectly. I literally couldn’t believe it.I used to associate with a guy who was JUST like tim’s character , bartender who had super picky, pretentious taste, awful at acting but thought he was a genius, made annoying comments all the time…

It’s like tim and eric are surrounded by idiots like that, i mean being in the film industry, and it was just a huge F YOU episode. I LOVED it. so funny. i was crying from laughter. 

it’s Tim and Eric’s BEST piece of work. it really is. 

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